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  • More than 50 years experience of quality service.

Our Shareholders

Management Alliance Company Limited 14%
Fidelity Finance Company Limited 5%
Chrome Oil Services 13%
Other Nigerian Individuals & Association 59%

Our Balance Sheet

Paid-up Capital =N= 2,868,307,000
Shareholder's fund =N= 5,489.026,000
Total Assets =N= 21,089,402,000

Regional Offices & Branch Network Nationwide

Branch Network 45
Regional Offices 9

Social Responsibility

  • Socially & Environmentally responsive
  • Charitable
  • Consistently contributing towards the improvement of quality of life in the society.
  • Operations guided by necessary business ethics

Research and Development

  • Continuous research and development to improve on service delivery.
  • Provides comprehensive Risk Management Services free of charge to clients

Service Delivery

  • Committed to excellent service delivery
  • Personalized services designed to satisfy specific needs of clients.

Market Position

  • Among the top three in the insurance industry
  • Determined to lead the market.

Staff and Management

  • Highly committed and motivated
  • Suitably trained to understand and satisfy specific needs of the clients.

Quality of Board:

  • Constituted by men of proven integrity
  • A blend of professionals
  • National outlook.
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